Raku Pottery

What is Raku Pottery?

Raku Pottery: It is an old Japanese technique used on Tea Ceremony.
Raku means the Enjoyment of drinking tea in a handmade raku cup. This ritual was part of their social contact and a way of communication amongstthemselves.

The forms are uninhibited and natural, while still being robust and simple without appendages so that they are resistant to thermal shock. They are fired once or twice on an open fire not exceeding 1000 C.
The clay remains porous and receptive to the magical absorption of smoke after it has been adorned with crystallized glass colored with metalic acids.
The presence of metal oxides and crackle glasses make the random, uncontrolled striations that are characteristic of Raku.
The result is that each RAKU piece is really unique.

raku 5.JPG

It is a really amazing and exciting Pottery technique.

Every time is like a first time firing and after firing we get a trully unique handmade RAKU ceramic, made with great care and love!