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Pottery throwing - How to Make a Pottery Long Vase

Pottery vase video. How to Make a Pottery Long Vase - Pottery throwing Making a Long Vase, On this video George Sifounios from pottery making/throwing on potter's wheel, a clay Pottery Long Vase from Sifounios Pottery.

The first step in making a long vase on the pottery wheel is to prepare the clay. This involves wedging the clay to remove any air pockets and ensure that it is soft and pliable. Next, you will need to center the clay on the pottery wheel, which involves using your hands to position the clay in the center of the wheel head. Once the clay is centered, you can begin shaping it into a cylinder by pressing down on the center of the clay with your fingers and slowly pulling the walls of the clay upwards and outwards.

As you shape the clay, it is important to maintain an even thickness throughout the walls of the vase. This can be achieved by using a rib tool to smooth and compress the clay, and a needle tool to check the thickness of the walls. As you continue to shape the vase, you can also add decorative elements such as ridges, fluting, or handles.

Once you have shaped the vase to your desired height and width, you can begin the process of trimming. Trimming involves removing excess clay from the base of the vase, as well as shaping the foot of the vase. This is an important step in creating a stable and functional vase that will sit evenly on a surface. To trim the vase, you will need to use a trimming tool to remove the excess clay, and a sponge to smooth and refine the shape of the foot.

After you have trimmed the vase, you can set it aside to dry. This is an important step in the pottery-making process, as it allows the clay to harden and become more stable. Once the vase is completely dry, it can be fired in a kiln to make it permanent and durable. This firing process involves heating the vase to a high temperature, which causes the clay to vitrify and become solid.

By following the steps outlined in this article and watching the accompanying video, you can learn how to create a beautiful and functional vase that will last for years to come. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced potter, this technique is sure to provide hours of creative enjoyment and satisfaction. So grab your clay and pottery wheel, and get ready to unleash your inner artist! If you like the video SHARE it and press the like button.

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