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Handmade Pythagorean Cups and Raku Pottery Art

The Pythagorean Cups


The Pythagorean cup (Pythagoras cup, Greedy cup, Cup of Justice) is a drinking cup made by the Famous Greek Pythagoras.


The Pythagorean cup looks like a normal drinking cup but......

Welcome to the world of the Pythagorean Cup, a cup that is not just a vessel for your drink but a symbol of ancient wisdom and philosophy. This cup, also known as the Greedy Cup of Justice, is believed to have been invented by none other than the famous philosopher Pythagoras of Samos. But what makes this cup so special?

Read more about The Pythagorean Cup and learn everything about this amazing Cup that even today is still an amazing invention.

Raku Pottery

Raku Pottery Bowl

Raku Pottery is an old Japanese technique used for their traditional Tea Ceremony and means the Enjoyment of drinking tea in a handmade raku cup. The ritual was part of their social contact and a way of communicating. ​The forms are uninhibited and natural, while still being robust and simple without appendages so that they are resistant to thermal shock. They are fired once or twice on an open fire not exceeding 1000 C. The clay remains porous and receptive to the magical absorption of smoke after it has been adorned with crystallized glass colored with metallic acids.

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Pottery Art

Ceramics and pottery have captivated human curiosity for centuries. A masterful journey of imagining a concept, then turning it into an object comes with incredible reward and satisfaction when completed. People have fashioned these art forms into a source of everyday use or just a lovely decoration piece to enhance the beauty of one's home. The process of developing an individualistic design from clay is remarkable. Ceramics and pottery are fascinating pieces that will continue to bring joy for years, making them timeless!

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Artemisio - Sifounios Pottery

Our Shop and Atelier!

The Potters
George & Efthymios Sifounios

George Sifounios is a skilled and passionate Potter from Leros Island Greece who got immersed in the world of pottery as a young boy. 


It was love at first sight as it happens with most arts. Plenty of work, effort, and passion are still being poured into his projects day by day.

Efthymios Sifounios is a Potter from Leros Greece. He is the son of George and a second-generation Potter.

Today, together George with his son Efthymios run their shop and atelier on the beautiful Island of Leros where you can find beautiful handmade Pottery and Raku Ceramics made with Love for Pottery.

"The most momentous thing in human life is the art of winning the soul to good or evil".
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