Pottery for beginners book


(This is the new improved version of this book, with even more rich content and edited in April 2020.) Are you struggling to get started on your pottery journey? Then read on. Pottery for Beginners is a clear, comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to making ceramics. Opening with an introduction to the art and culture of pottery, it captures the beauty of the art and highlights the ways in which it can benefit your mental well-being. It then provides a captivating history lesson on pottery from the Stone Age through to the present day.

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At the heart of this comprehensive guide, you will find extensively detailed instructions on the processes involved in making ceramics, pottery wheels, how to throw a pottery piece, the main types of pottery clay, how to fire your pottery accurately. Also covered are the tools used in pottery, materials & techniques in pottery, the process of selecting a pottery kiln as well as purchasing your pottery wheel on any budget and much more.

Here is a preview of what you will learn in this comprehensive book:


  • How to be a Pottery Artist.

  • Where and how to start working on Pоttеrу Art.


  • How to throw a pottery piece from beginning to the end product and the equipment needed.


  • Tips on how to become a better Potter.


  • Pottery Glazes, Pottery Techniques.


  • The Art of RAKU Pottery explained.

The illustrations and language used in this book are simple and easy to read so that you can begin making beautiful ceramic items straight away, even if you have never attempted pottery before. Start your pottery journey now, read this book, unlock your creativity and start creating beautiful objects you would never have imagined you could create.
An essential Pottery Book with eye-catching pictures for new enthusiastic potters, amateurs and more experienced potters; in fact anybody who has an interest in learning about Pottery Art.
Whether you are a new, amateur or intermediate potter, if you love Pottery Art then this this book is for you!