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New Pottery Glazing Video - Pottery Glazing Tips - How we Glaze Raku Ceramics Before firing. Pottery Glazing revealed - How we glaze our Raku Ceramics - Glazing Ceramics in depth. Hey guys , Today i share with you the procedure as we glaze with my father the ceramics before the raku firing. That is the part 2. Stay tuned on the next video part 3 we are going to make the raku firing and see the final results. On this pottery glazing video George and Efthymios Sifounios from glaze raku ceramics and prepare it for raku firing. Stay tuned to the next video where we will make the raku firing.

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New Pottery Video from Efthymios Sifounios - Sifounios Pottery Stay Safe!!!

Hello my friends I want to share with you our new Pottery Video where we are making Kiln Loading- Loading Ceramics on gas firing kiln from Efthymios Sifounios - Sifounios Pottery

These are some ready to fire raku clay ceramics that it will fired and then glazed and raku fired. On the next videos i will show you the glazing procedure and the firing to raku procedure with the final result of the ceramics as you have ask to me many times,.so stay tuned!!!

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That's an amazing pottery video that you can find on Amoca channel Source

On this pottery video you can see the Amazing Pottery Master at the time of work. That's what are the results after years and years of expierience a lot of love and a lot of work. I am sure that you will like this Video and you will be inspired by the amazing pottery techniques and results of this work.


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