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One of the most passionate Potters from Leros Island Greece is George Sifounios who got immersed in the world of pottery before he turned 25 years. It was love at first sight as it happens with most arts. Plenty of work, effort and passion are still being poured in his projects day by day.

A man of art but a man of family, as well, he managed to inspire and attract in his love for pottery his friends and family, collaborating every so often with his children in various projects. He is married with Maria and has two children, Eftymios (Who is also a Potter)  and Alexandra.


George Sifounios is a Potter of many techniques, as he never stops growing and developing in this art even after so many years of practicing pottery. He focuses on international pottery techniques and he is keen on spreading the love for pottery and teaching others interesting techniques. From molding up pottery to painting on the finite product, George loves each bit of hard work and this can be seen on the pottery items he creates.

From traditional Greek methods to Japanese Raku pottery, George Sifounios is a forever learner of pottery with a master level hand touch.

His belief in the power of pottery extends to curious eyes and he has made a YouTube channel called Sifounios Pottery where he explains and shows various techniques and levels of pottery. He welcomes pottery-lovers every Friday with a new instructional video on making pottery. Besides pottery, he is also a painter of clay art which he displays in his pottery videos.


George Sifounios has built over the years a rich and diverse portfolio of pottery items such as pottery mugs, bowls, plates or even Ancient Greek Amphoras. He make traditional Greek Pottery such as Pottery Barbeque (fou fou), Greek traditional Chimney, Greek Pottery Casseroles , Lerian Large Pottery Bowls painted with olives and more.

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We are George and Efthymios Sifounios from Sifounios Pottery, Greek Potters from Leros Greece.
 On this channel we upload videos about Pottery throwing, Pottery tips and ideas, Raku ceramics, helping and support you in everything related to Pottery Art.

We will give you pottery ideas, pottery throwing on the wheel, pottery glazing, pottery decoration, pottery slips, pottery firing, Raku Pottery and help you with love and inspiration  to master this beautiful Art with your own way.

We  are in love  with Pottery Art and always excited as we waiting to fire one more time.

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